Sunday, January 30, 2011

What's been going on in the studio lately?

This is the painting i've been working on lately.
(click any image to enlarge)

This painting/sculpture technique takes a long time which I like but I wanted to do something with quicker output and more instant gratification. So I'm also doing some smaller paintings on reclaimed polaroids which I'm selling on etsy,

Here's whats been playing in studio7x7 lately

Everybody Must Get High-Cypress Hill
But I'm Not-Cocteau Twins
The Monk Song-Miranda Sex Garden
Hats Off To Music-The Fucking Champs
Hildegard Von Bingen-Spritui Sacro Honor
Naked In The Rain-Red Hot Chili Peppers
Holiday Song-Pixies
Campell, CA-Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards
London Dungen-The Misfits
Joe Stalin's Cadillac-Camper Van Beethoven
And The Same-Fugazi
Selfish Shit-MDC
Thru 2 U-EastWest
The Pickup Bear-Deerhoof
My Darkness-Danzig
Public Enemy No. 1-Public Enemy
Dragon Lady-The Germs
something by Cibbo Matto labeled Track 13
Just A-Sittin' And A Rockin'-Ray Nance
Of Whales And Woe-Les Claypool
After The Storm-Mumford & Sons
Act 2: Ed or fra noi parliam da buoni amici...Sciarrone,che dice il Cavalier?-Pucinni : Tosca
something labeled Unknown Artist-A World Without End
Countdown-John Coltrane
New #1-Severin
Dick For Brains-MDC
Soda Pop-G. Love & Special Sauce
A Girl Named Sandoz-The Animals
Save It-The Cramps
Ain't Life Grand-John Coltrane
Michael-Son of Sam
Table of the Sun-Michael Masley
Easy Life-Goober Patrol
A Name I Call Myself-Souls of Mischief
Son Is Shinning-Bob Marley
Motoroller Scalatron-Stereolab
Jackson-Kent Blues-Steve Miller Band
Just The Right Bullets-Tom Waits

What have you been listening to lately. Leave a comment.

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